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Natural & Premium Food takes careful pride in the selection process to ensure freshness. All of salads are grown
in the best climate and ensured the best quality Organic can offer. We sell in packs and in bulk for food services.

At our farm, it is our passion & commitment to bring you the best organic food. And What we mean is:

- Organically Grown?
- Fresh?
- Wholesome?
& More Nutritious


Okra Baby Corn Sweet Corn Purple Sweet Corn
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Zucchini Yardlong Bean French Bean Angled Loofah
organic zucchini; sell organic zucchini;n&p organic zucchini organic yardlong bean;n&p yardlong bean organic french bean; sell organic french bean; n&p organic french bean organic Loofah; sell organic Loofah; n&p organic Loofah
Japanese Pumpkin Pumpkin Lime Wax Guard
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Chinese Bitter Green Papaya Eggplant Purple Eggplant
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Purple Eggplant (Blackstalk) Purple Eggplant (Greenstalk) Big Purple Eggplant Brush Eggplant
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Hashiko Tomato Cheery Tomato Beef Tomato Crisp Eggplant
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Asparasgus - S Asparasgus - M Asparasgus - L Mini Cucumber
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Cucumber Japanese Cucumber Banana Blossoms  
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Did you find what you were looking for? We only included some of our products for reference.Should you need any other
Organic Salads, please tel: